Friday, July 30, 2021

COVIDIOTS and Anti-Vaccination Idiots:

 COVIDIOTS and Anti-Vaccination Idiots: 


I’ve had enough. I’m sick of hearing idiots on social media call this virus a hoax and asserting that this plague doesn’t exist. These certified morons should talk to nurses on the fifth floor of East Jefferson Hospital in Metairie, a suburb outside New Orleans. This ward is where many COVID patients recover or die. The idiots need to talk to me and many of my friends about people we know who died from COVID or who have had long-term illnesses because of this virus. Please don’t say this is a hoax to so many of my friends who have lost someone. Don’t insult any of us who know better and don’t spill your dirt on blogs and posts that illustrate your stupidity. Please don’t publish information from ignorant sources that convince other gullible people to avoid getting the vaccine. 


This last sentence brings me to another topic: anti-vaccination idiots. I’ve heard complaints from followers of a certain political figure that NOT getting vaccinated is their right. Word to the wise, Bubbas and Bubbesses: You don’t have the right to endanger me, my husband, or my other fellow humans with your “right.” I, too, have rights, but I’m careful to exercise those rights with care. I have the right of free speech, but I don’t scream “fire” in crowded buildings. 


When I was a kid, my parents made sure I was vaccinated against various illnesses. They didn’t want me to catch horrible illnesses like polio. In fact, they rejoiced when they themselves could be inoculated against illnesses that had threatened them in an earlier era. Additionally, the school required students to be vaccinated against illnesses. My parents did not argue with this or assert their “right” NOT to vaccinate me. They knew vaccination was for my safety and that of my fellow students. What now gives these people the right NOT to vaccinate themselves, and now that the vaccine is open to teens, NOT to vaccinate their children? Too many parents don’t vaccinate their children for many illnesses; they are endangering their children and their children’s friends. Too many people in this society have made COVID-19 a political issue. This should not be a political issue; it is a public health issue. Too many educated people—teachers, health care professionals, and government workers—are buying into this political game and NOT getting the vaccine. This idiocy is staggering, yet many of these same people argue that they want the economy on track and long schools, stores, and other events to continue as normal. Get with it, people! Things will get back to normal when people are vaccinated! BE RESPONSIBLE!



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