Thursday, February 18, 2021

Overthrow of a Utopia:


Millions of years ago--in a distant galaxy--a planet existed that boasted an advanced technology fueled by intellectual curiosity.   The citizens of Utopie had undergone many changes since the founding of their government.  At the founding of Utopie, a small group had dominated others. The Dominante came in many physical types; some were small of stature while others were tall.  They possessed blue skin that glowed like coal on fire, and their golden eyes penetrated the darkness.  The Nascente were once the natives of the land, but when the Dominante arrived in flying ships powered by the wind, the Dominante usurped the Nascente's land with their superior weapons and glowing eyes. The Nascente were a people of superior hunting skill; however, they lacked the Dominante's deadly weapons and soon succumbed to the cannons, poisoned gas, and expanding bullets of their enemies. The Nascente soon inhabited only a small part of the prosperous planet, living in squalid conditions; however, many of the Dominante envied their raven tresses and glowing bronze skin, making concubines of their women.

As the Dominante progressed, their leaders searched for other ways to enhance their expanding economic power.  They invaded other planets, particularly that of Lebensmittel, and enslaved the people there. These people were tall and majestic, marked by their burgundy skin, taut bodies, and green eyes.  They were relegated to rural areas and worked on elaborate tenant farms, enabling the ruling Dominante to build an exclusive and elitist socialization system. 

Eventually, leaders emerged from the ranks of both the Lebensmittel and Nascente people who fought for the rights of their people. One man in particular, Reverend Fromm, preached reconciliation among the people while he demanded their rights and paid respect to the country's gods. Even when a deranged Dominante assassinated him, he achieved equality for those who faced discrimination. Soon, many leaders of the Dominante heard the pleas of the oppressed. Injustices were rectified, and the various peoples progressed towards unity. 

Some Dominante, however, were unwilling to relinquish a stranglehold on their power. A leader emerged from the Dominante who would stroke their unease. This being was one of the Dominante, but he possessed glazed eyes that no longer shone brightly, and his blue skin had turned to gray ash. He was of the most elite class that controlled every major infrastructure n the planet. During state festivals, he donned elaborate robes and appeared with his chosen concubine at the balcony to wave at the masses. His supreme concubine was not of any race on Utopie. Hass, the Agitator who would be Ruler, selected his concubines from a planet populated by females of porcelain skin, gray eyes, and tails like that of wild horses. These females walked upright , but their tails railed behind them.  Hass seized power and worked to eliminate the rights guaranteed to the many classes. 

Soon, another leader emerged who sought to reconcile a divided Utopie; Heilige, a Dominante, rose from the ranks of the people to demand a legal election. At his side was a female from the Nascente, named Apostel. Together, they would restore justice to Utopie, but Hass would not concede defeat.  He gathered his forces at the foot of the Capitol housing the planet's leaders and bellowed to a small number of enraged Dominante that he had been dethroned unjustly and that their rights, culture, and way of life would vanish under Heilige and Apostel. Carrying weapons and chanting "Death to Nascente and Lebensmittel," they stormed into what was once a seat of justice and attempted insurrection until a combined force of enlightened Dominante, Nascente, and Lebensmittl warriors subdued them.  Alas, the steps made toward justice and equality would be forever s