Tuesday, June 30, 2020

A Very Grim Fairy Tale

A Very Grim Fairy Tale:

Once upon a time in a faraway planet named Orwell lived creatures who were similar to humans in many ways.  They were male and female but each being boasted multi-colored hair and high cheekbones that added to their aesthetic beauty. A tall, regal male creature with orange hair wearing a black robe dominated over the beings and governed with what he termed justice; however, his justice was unequal.  He administered stringent rules and harsh justice to female beings while sparing males from suffering few or any consequences.  

Male and female children received separate and different educations.  They attended separate schools and had separate roles.  Even though the females were expected to work for the communal good, their standard of living was inferior to that of the males.  They also were expected to reproduce with approved partners, appointed by ministers to the Robed One.  Females were sent to the School of Reproductive Certainty while males attended the School of Arts, Language and Science. Fraternization among beings other than those approved by the Robed One and his associates was forbidden.  

Though the school could not teach the females what the males learned, the School for Reproductive Certainty attempted to nurture the spirit and intellect of its females charges.  Many of the female teachers included some instruction limited to males and lobbied for the students to have more advantages.  The Robed One did not appreciate any challenge to his authority.  He bribed several of the compliant female teachers to spy on others, informing him that some of the adult females had grown to love each other too much.  

The Robed One then sent or outsiders from the planet Ifreann to preside over the School for Reproductive Certainty. These beings hailed from the planet Luzifer. The creature appointed as head master was named Schikarieren. He wore a long tail which he rolled into baggy trousers so as conceal his true identity from the female beings.  Before taking the position, he sawed the antlers on his head to make himself look like an Orwellian male. Unlike the hair of the Orwell residents, his was a dull white streaked with gray.  With him came a female from Luzifer named Hundin. She also had a tail, which she concealed in a knot within a loosely fitting skirt.  She’d dyed her hair a pale blue, similar to many of the females in the school, and she’d styled it in waves that concealed the small horns jutting from her head. 

Schikarieren boasted a booming voice even though he was small of stature, unlike the Orwellians. He demanded adoration of himself, Hundin, and the Robed One, holding long diatribes on video about how the Robed One did not receive the proper respect from a planet that showed no gratitude.  Hundin, who was very skinny, brought giggles to the females when she appeared in the video. Her voice squeaked, and the students often pointed at the bulge in her backside, so unlike them.  Sometimes, her hair fell, revealing her horns. The two Luziferians then began to harass the female Orwellian teachers who loved too much.  They found fault with their teaching methods, their ideology, and the way they worshipped the god supported by the Robed One.  

The two outsiders banished the females who loved too much to isolated planets, but then, the empire they hoped to construct fell apart.  Schikarieren and Hundin fought for control of the school, and too many beings had complained to the Robed One of the pair’s cruelty.  The Robed One sent a spy to work in the school, his sister,  Faisneiseoir. Schikarieren disliked her and thought she was one who loved too much.  He complained about her role as head of religious studies and verbally assaulted her when he didn’t think the students showed proper piety. She reported her treatment to her brother, and both Luziferians were banished.  

The school soon withered, destroyed by oppression and hypocrisy. Some females vanished to neighboring planets. Others simply drifted around Orwell without any focus, refusing to reproduce with those approved by the Robed One or reproducing with those who were unsuitable.  Of the banished women, some died while others raised an insurrection, toppling the Robed One and his oppressive regime.  

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