Friday, May 30, 2014

Claire Domingue and the Shape of Sounds

The Shape of Sounds, the newest release by singer-songwriter Claire Domingue, is a revelation and treat from a talented young artist.  Skillful, intricate piano interludes frame this original album of folk-rock influenced music by the gifted pianist/guitarist and her equally gifted band. Domingue’s lilting vocals bring the songs to life, giving power to her strong lyrics.

Several songs stand out on this album.  Chief among them is “Glass,” a song of isolation and heartbreak.  The lyrics advise the young persona to “break through the glass, and you’ll finally be free.” In addition to the powerful lyrics and provocative vocals, the song also is anchored by strong, innovative guitar work on the part of Coby Tate and Lenny Austin. Domingue and her band are proficient on several instruments, and many of the songs, especially the haunting “Quelquefois” and the pulsing “After Everything” profit from the addition of violin or cello to the brilliantly rendered guitar, piano and percussion work on the respective works. 

Domingue’s lyrics speak to many young people—or any persons-- experiencing doubt about the direction their lives are taking.  In “Losing It,” Domingue sings that “My biggest fear is waking up and everything is the same.” Anyone wanting a new direction would relate to such a fear.  Of course, one of the best tracks on the album is the deceptively simple, “In Her Way,” a tale of unrequited love and loss.  Riveting guitar work and a haunting mandolin drive this sweetly sad piece, accenting Domingue’s lovely vocal rendering. 

This album is something any true lover of music should experience.

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