Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Little Ole' Moi Giving Scandal to Bourbon Street

Giving Scandal to Bourbon Street:

Two weeks ago, I gave scandal to Bourbon Street.  Howe is such a thing possible, you ask? Well, it wasn’t intentional, but my guy and I were caught in such a lip lock that we fell against a barricade and over it went! Two rather casually dressed young men (grinning at us from ear to ear) raced to lift it for us.  They tipped imaginary hats to us and made casual salutes as they walked away, looking back in wonder.  They weren’t the only ones staring, either. 

Well, maybe the romantic evening inspired us.  We’d come from the rehearsal party for my goddaughter and her now-husband at Galatoire’s.  Romance was in the air.  There we were in our dressy attire behaving more scandalously than people thirty years younger. I’m sure the two men who helped us with the barricades found us a curious pair—two middle-aged (bordering on elderly) people caught in a thriller lip lock. 

The stares pleased me—not that I’m an exhibitionist—but I liked that we were showing the world that older people have a good time and enjoy each other.  I bet the guys helping with the barricades hadn’t given their partners a kiss like the one he gave me. 

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